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I-Trac – Heavy-Duty Temporary Flooring System

I-Trac – Heavy-Duty Temporary Flooring System

I-Trac™ is quick and easy to install and removed, with a solitary man laying up to 100m2 in an hour. Each panel covers 0.8m2 and only weighs roughly 15kgs. Because of the lightweight structure, the area of a truck or container will be filled well before any weight limits are met.



Panel Size 1.2m x .92m x .055m (L x W x H)
Panel Area 0.8 sqm
Panel Weight 15.6kg
Load Capacity 200,000kg / sqm

I-Trac™ is one of the most compliant, capable, and heavy duty flooring systems in the marketplace. Being one of the first non-metallic system capable of competing with the Aluminium methods, I-Trac™ offers a cost-effective alternative to the current access difficulties of portable roadways and equipment roadway techniques.

The major commercial issue of security that is continuously a concern with Aluminium systems is completely eliminated with I-Trac™.
I-Trac™ is hugely valuable as plastic flooring performing as a temporary roadway, crane platform or drilling platform, nevertheless, the material has no cash scrap value, unlike other portable road systems.

Besides the incredible strength-to-weight ratio of I-Trac™ and the value that I-Trac™ provides for roadways, the product also serves as a vital grass protection system. Used on grass for event flooring, stage bases, temporary parking areas and even helipads, I-Trac™ will leave the grass in the first-rate condition following extraction. I-Trac™ is a single element heavy duty access solution, enabling vehicular traffic over the hostile or hazardous ground. I-Trac™ is a simple interconnecting roadway method that creates a continuous surface that is able to deal with all road-going vehicles and extreme loadings.

I-Trac™ is manually installed temporary access roadway system and is secured by an integral connection device that requires no special tools to use. Each panel has 8 connection points that allow the user to bolt on additional elements where needed. I-Trac™ is inert to most chemicals and provides a good level of electrical protection.